The real fortress of the physical assets, backing up exclusively cryptocurrency Ixinium® XXA.


We have one of the strongest asset protection mechanism in the world.

Mission of Ixinium Foundation

Foundation's mission is to be a holder and the guardian of the cryptocurrency Ixinium XXAs physical assets.

The Ixinium Foundation Charter

The Foundation charter is specially build to protect and hold the Foundation's assets without rights to encumber those assets at all.

Asset custody for precious metals

All Foundation's precious metals are 100% insured assets by the vaulting partners through Lloyd’s of London.


Registration and Foundation charter.
Precious metals purchase, inventory and auditing reports.

Ixinium Foundation is established in Q1/2020

The Ixinium Foundation has been set up for the long term physical precious metals holding and protection of its assets to back cryptocurrency Ixinium® XXA, what is solely owned and created by the company Baltic Representative Office OÜ.

Located in the Republic of Seychelles, the Foundation can own assets worldwide such as digital assets as widely defined (including digital, virtual and cryptocurrencies), precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum and other metals.

Ixinium Foundation's precious metals purchasing allocation is not locked to the specific percentage between gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Every purchase is based on supply/demand, market availability and market prediction. Every purchasing is allocated fully between the available precious metals.

In the Ixinium Foundation, we purchase only physical precious metals to our holdings.